Indian Food Calorie Chart

Indian Food Calorie Chart
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India, a country of diverse culture, practices both vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism with plentiful spices and herbs in Indian cuisines which makes up for a balanced diet. The Indian diet is highly awarded for its nutrition but it has an exorbitant level of calories which is not at all encouraging for a healthy lifestyle.

So, it is vital to make the right choice of food and be mindful by tracking the calorie count while enjoying your everyday meals.So, Lets we see the Indian Food Calorie Chart.

Indian Food Calorie Chart

  • Calorie Chart for Indian Vegetables
  • Calorie Chart for Fruits
  • Calorie Chart for Indian breads
  • Calorie Chart for Beverages
  • Calories in Indian Foods
  • Calories for Indian Snacks
  • Calorie Counter for Animal Foods

Calorie Chart for Indian Vegetables

Indian Food Calorie Chart for Indian vegetables are cruciferous and fresh with more nutritional values possessing a distinct number of calories but intake of potato has to be in moderate because it has a rich content of starch.

FoodAmount Calories per serving
Bottle gourd100 gm11
Ridge gourd100 gm13
Bitter gourd100 gm21
Capsicum100 gm16
Fenugreek leaves (cooked)100 gm34
Radish leaves100 gm26
Spinach100 gm24
Pumpkin100 gm23
Zucchini100 gm20
Drumsticks100 gm67
Tomato100 gm21
Sprouts100 gm44
French beans100 gm24
Kidney beans1 cup337
Soya beans1 cup446
Beans1 cup40
Peas1 cup118
Lady’s finger1 cup150
Cabbage1 cup60
Cauliflower1 cup150
Broccoli1 cup40
Brinjal1 cup40
Cottage cheese100 gm258
Palak paneer1 cup280
Fried potato1 cup200
Mashed potatoes1 cup100
Sweet potato1 cup96
Mushrooms1 cup296
Mixed Veggies1 cup80
Vegetable Curry1 cup130
Indian Food Calorie - Chickpeas

Calorie Chart for Fruits

Indian fruits have a rich content of vitamins, minerals and fibres and for those who have a sweet tooth can eat more fruits as an alternative of consuming sweets.

Small guava132
Small orange137
Small pear137
Small mango142
Small apple162
Small peach140
Sweet lime127
Watermelonfew slices20
litchisfew slices53
Melon1 bowl23
Strawberries1 bowl25
Pomegranate1 bowl55
Cherries1 bowl60
Grapes1 bowl60

Calorie Chart for Indian breads

In the Indian diet, breads play a quintessential part starting from naan, rotis, pooris, chapattis etc but you have intake that in moderate quantity following are the Indian Food Calorie Chart for bread.

BreadCountCalories per serving
Small poori175
Aloo parantha1170
Butter Naan1310

Calorie Chart for Beverages

Consuming water before having meals is highly recommended for successful weight loss. Other than water, green tea also has no calories. Canned cold drinks or soda has no nutritional value but provides you with fattening calories.

BeverageQuantityCalories per serving
Water1 glass0
Green tea1 cup10
Black tea1 cup10
Milk Tea 1 cup45
Cappuccino1 cup45
Plain milk1 cup60
Milk with added flavours1 cup120
Fruit juice1 cup120
Tender coconut 1 cup15
Soup1 bowl75
Soda 1 bottle10
Cold drink1 bottle90
Milkshake1 bottle200
Beer1 bottle200
Alcohol1 serving75
Indian Food Calorie - Meal

Calories in Indian Foods

Indian Food Calorie Chart for a mixture of different local and international cuisines with a lot of herbs and spices.

Food ItemQuantityCalories
Plain dosa1120
Masala dosa1250
Vermicelli100 gm333
Ragi100 gm320
Quinoa100 gm328
Tofu100 gm76
Raita1 serving20
Sugar1 spoon30
Pickles1 spoon30
Salad1 plate100
Vegetable Rice1 plate200
Boiled Rice1 cup120
Fried Rice1 cup150
Cereal or oats with milk1 cup150
Sambar1 cup150
Curd1 cup100
Any lentils or dhal1 cup150

Calories for Indian Snacks

Indian foods are a mixture of different local and international cuisines with a lot of herbs and spices.

Unhealthy snacking is a major cause of weight gain. So, it is recommended to have a handful of nuts between meals to prevent prolonged gap.

Food ItemQuantityTotal Calories
Coconut100g 409
Fried Nuts1 cup450
Flax seed500g534
Pistachio100g 539
Cashewnut100g 582
Almond100g 602
Chips1 packet120
French Fries1 serving427
Bhel or Pani puri1 serving150
Pav Bhaji1 plate610
Indian sweets1 piece150
Pudding 1 cup200
Jam 1 spoon30
Falooda 1 glass300

Calorie Counter for Animal Foods

Animal foods are an invariable part of the Indian diet. It is advisable to consume animal fat in moderate quantities.

Food ItemQuantityTotal Calories
Cream 50g105
Butter 1 tablespoon45
Ghee1 tablespoon45
Whole milk1 cup150
Boiled egg180
Scrambled egg180
Fried egg1110
Meat 1 plate450
Mutton biryani 1 cup225
Fried chicken1 serving200
Chicken curry1 serving225
Tandoori Chicken1 serving260
Butter chicken 1 serving490
Chicken tikka masala1 serving457
Fried fish1 serving140
Cooked chicken100g200
Cooked pork100g230


Indian dites, across states and pay gatherings, are unfortunate. Indians additionally consume overabundance measures of oats and insufficient proteins, natural products, and vegetables. Significantly, not at all like numerous nations, overabundance utilization of creature protein isn’t an issue in India.

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