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Frequently Asked Questions

You can but sometimes your body needs rest. Remember, when you are resting at home, your muscles grow. It is advisable if you are a new one you can exercise to start twice a week at 20 minutes at a time. Then gradually increase your time and week at least do 3 times a week not more than 45 minutes. Usually, 4 times a week is enough to enhance muscle strength.

There are countless benefits but here we are discussing a few of them that includes: -

  • Running on a treadmill can give heart benefits
  • Losing your belly fat
  • Working out regularly on treadmills can regulate the hormones that help to give you better sleep
  • Remove stress and anxiety

It depends upon your fitness level, goal, and routines. A good start running on the Treadmill in a day is at least 20 minutes to reach the CDC’s advisable 150 minutes within the moderate-intensity physical activity.

Running or jogging is very effective to burn once belly fat and lose weight very quickly. Do physical activity CDC recommends 75 minutes of vigorous intensity or 150 minutes of moderate intensity each week.

Group fitness classes at SKALE Fitness are for everyone, kindly speak to the trainer before the class starts to discuss your concern. You can join any one of our classes as per your needs.

The group class includes: -

  • 4 WEEK PROGRAM - 38 MIN/DAY @ Rs 2200
  • 8 WEEK PROGRAM - 40 MIN/DAY @ Rs 3000
  • 4 WEEK PROGRAM - 38 MIN/DAY @ Rs 3200

All the gym staff are fully qualified and have current First Aid and CPR. Whoever comes here to join our fitness class, their safety is our priority! So, in our fitness center, we keep all first aid support for them in case of any small mishap that happens, our first aid could heal them. Our experienced trained gym trainer will assist them properly in times of emergency needs.