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To develop wellness and maintain fitness it is essential for an individual to hit the gym. The ambience, workouts with advanced equipment and perfect training by professionals in the gym are considered to be standalone to gain popularity.  Are you looking for a top rating gym in Chennai? Well, here is a list of the 7 premium gyms in Chennai which are in the top ranking!

Here the 7 Top Rating Gym in chennai

Skale Fitness Unlimited

Skale Fitness Unlimited concentrates on a comprehensive approach with state-of-the-art equipment. This top rating gym in Chennai has an intensifying experience in the field of fitness for about 20 years managing strength and wellness programs with international personal and expert trainers, besides cardio and sweat-inducing providing scientific method of training without any kind of side effects.

Top Rating Gym in Chennai

The professional trainers here adopt a kick-ass group fitness program for an attractive physique by motivating, entertaining and empowering the clients providing utmost safety and efficacy to bring the best shape of their lives.

The core values of commitment to their customers besides the team, industry and business as a whole make them expand the spacious training zones in a fabulous infrastructure with high quality equipment for easy workouts to improve their standards and push your fitness further.

Types of Workouts in SKALE Fitness

  • Olympic style weight lifts
  • Plyometric
  • Conditioning
  • Kettlebell
  • Miscellaneous
  • Trx suspension and Rip training

Membership Yearly Packages

Annual Package (1 Year) – 12,500

Half yearly Package (6 Months) – 9000

Quarterly Package (3 Months) – 6000

Fitness One

Fitness One is listed as a top rating gym in Chennai providing overall fitness training. They train their members in every aspect of fitness with well-trained trainers who guide them with a personalized training program according to the flexibility of the members.

The techniques are made with the best global practices on how to adapt the fitness regimes to dramatically improve the quality of their lives. Also, they are keen to set goals, motivate their clients with the best fitness solutions for them to actively hit the gym as they maintain proper hygiene and also provide trail memberships for first-time gym users considering it incredibly important. 

Fight 2 Fit Fitness Centre

The Fight 2 Fit Fitness Centre being a top rating gym in Chennai has a vast experience in the field of fitness as they specialise in personal training, group training and weight reduction. The highly experienced trainers aid you in keeping you fit, and they provide you with a structured fitness program with personal attention to the members which can help them in their daily lives.

They offer separate batches for ladies who are interested in training aerobics. The equipment used in this gym is fully advanced and imported. One can have the best experience with an air-conditioned comfort zone which encourages you to perform specialized workouts.

Sen Fitness

Sen Fitness is a home to like-minded people who want to maintain proper fitness to lead a healthier lifestyle. They are a winning combination of using the best equipment and an active team of knowledgeable and supportive trainers which gained them the popularity of being a top rating gym in Chennai.

The expert trainers here motivate, encourage and push you to succeed further in the journey of fitness to achieve your fitness goals for leading a happier and healthier life. They are customer-centric, working really hard to ensure that they provide you with the best comprehensive methods of training and building a positive community by giving them the opportunity to enhance their services. 

H.I.T Bootcamp

H.I.T Bootcamp stands unique by being the top rating gym in Chennai as it runs more like a guided class, specially designed to comprehensively offer a highly balanced and effective workout from the time the customer has enrolled with them to the time they get utmost satisfaction in coming out with the best outcomes in their fitness journey.

It is recognised to be unique for beginners as the programs are seasoned alike. Contrasting a basic gym membership, offers specific attention from a certified trainer to help you work toward your goals. It also brings you into a community of others who encourage you to show up and keep you accountable.


STAMIN comes with various sweat-inducing equipment besides a supersized personal pod menu of fitness sessions with dedicated programs from world-class trainers, including a personal trainer and your extra special crossfit spaces.

This top rating gym in Chennai provides virtual training and encourages the members to pay for achieving the goals which are highly pocket-friendly rather than conventional methods of fitness and crash diets. 

They ensure to make categorized different programs to access all your needs where you can customize your own program as you like with the flexible timings focussing on transforming yourself by getting the best services.

Gold’s Gym

The Gold’s Gym is the top rating gym in Chennai equipped with cutting-edge equipment, and highly inspiring trainers who provide the perfect environment for the members to increase their levels of fitness. It is the most preferred gym by sportspersons, corporate honchos, film or television personalities and fitness enthusiasts.

The internationally certified personal trainers provide a personalized workout planner for beginners whereas the existing members follow a systematic manner to perform workouts and cardio programs to help them focus in attaining their fitness goals. The members get a free trial to clarify their doubts about the level of training and fitness programs to make sure they get the best training.


Every one of these are the names of GMs who have given the right weight to every one individuals because of their great assistance and they keep themselves exceptionally impressive and fit. The genuine importance of making it is that individuals can satisfy every one of their necessities in a brief time frame and furthermore save time.

In it you will get all the data about your everyday requirements which will help you in pursuing the best choice. This product is planned based on friendliness, so there is no chance of any misfortune or hazard.

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