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While strength training is vital to burn more calories at rest and boost your metabolism, if you want to shed pounds, you also need to do cardio. Cardio exercises to lose weight have to be taken seriously into your exercise regime as it serves many health benefits and leads you to improved health and wellbeing.

8 Best cardio exercises to lose weight 

Rather than spending more on gym equipment, you can look out for ways of doing cardio exercises for weight loss as this makes the process of losing weight much more fun.Some of the cardio form of exercises include:


Walking is simple, convenient and a low-impact cardio activity to lose weight keeping an individual active and fit by strengthening muscles and bones. To make walking effective for weight loss, it is essential to increase the pace. Fast walking or brisk walking for 30 minutes can be the best. 

It prevents an individual from several medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, you can go hiking or walk on a treadmill during the mornings or evenings.

Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs is amongst the popular forms of cardio exercises to lose weight. This involves using the entire body in lifting the legs with every step, to strengthen your core muscles and legs.

So, consider taking the stairs instead of using an elevator.It will also very helpfull to reduce your belly fat. An individual can do this exercise by climbing about 30 flights of stairs to burn 500 calories.

Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight 2


These low-impact cardio exercises to lose weight strengthens the leg muscle and improves heart health. In addition, outdoor cycling can aid an individual in burning calories. and if a person is uncomfortable cycling outdoors, he/she can invest in an indoor bicycle. 

It also improves blood circulation and also an individual can burn about 300 calories by investing 60 minutes in cycling.


Swimming is also one of the cardio exercises to lose weight as it affects the entire body. While swimming, one can remain afloat or break out of the water, which forces the whole body to react. 

Depending upon the location of the pool, you can perform this exercise during the mornings or evenings. One can spend 15 to 20 minutes by taking swimming sessions everyday in the initial stage and eventually increase this duration to 30 minutes for making the cardio effective.

DayIntensityLengthSample Workout
MondayHigh Intensity20-30 minSprint interval HIIT workout
TuesdayModerate Intensity45-60 minBrisk walking or jogging
WednesdayLow to moderate intensityAll dayUse a pedometer and try to get 10,000 steps
ThursdayModerate to high intensity30-60 minTreadmill workout
FridayModerate Intensity30-45 minCardio endurance intervals
SaturdayLow to moderate intensity30-60 minWalking or a long bike ride
SundayRestAll dayNone

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a part of the cardio exercises or plyometric workout to lose weight. It increases the heartbeat leading to reduction of the calories significantly. In addition, jumping ropes can be a fun way to break the monotony while working out. 

Including split jumps, box jumps and jumping jacks for 20 minutes into his/her morning or evening routine can make this cardio more effective by burning about 200 calories per day.


This is one of the best cardio exercises to lose weight as it combines jumps, push ups and squats. In this, an individual has to involve all the body parts to perform burpees. 

Besides that, the muscle groups in one’s chest, legs, and core are trained in the process. An individual needs to perform 100 burpees to burn around 50 calories.


A kettlebell is used to perform higher intensity cardio exercises to lose weight in an effective way. It combines strength training with cardio by using the canon-shaped ball. 

Furthermore, kettlebell training supports an individual’s cardiovascular endurance while enhancing muscle strength, body balance, and flexibility. This can be done during the mornings or evenings where 100 kettlebell swings can burn an approximate count of 100 calories.


This form of cardio exercises to lose weight requires a maximum effort for an individual as it involves a quick and intense set of exercises with a short recovery period. Unlike regular exercises, a person needs to work hard for 20-30 seconds by having 10-20 seconds of rest interval in between. 

The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) trains the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems of the entire body and also improves the cardiovascular fitness level. Spend 20-30 minutes during the morning or evening to burn calories.

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