7 Things You Must Know Before Joining the Gym in Chennai

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Before you consider joining a Gym in Chennai, you must first find the purpose of joining the gym by deciding if you want to get yourself into a better shape or you just want to shed some pounds of weight. Joining a gym can be a major decision just like making a major purchase but it requires true dedication from your end beside a huge financial commitment. 

So before getting into the best gym in Chennai, have a look at the gym, clarify your queries, take free-workout sessions and then come to a firm decision that will fit your requirements and keep you motivated on a daily basis to come back and exercise. 

7 Things You Must Know Before Joining the Gym in Chennai

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, there are various other criteria that you must consider before joining a gym. Some of the things you should keep in mind while making the decision include:


Normally, some people fail to consider the location of a gym in Chennai as an important issue. But do you really think that if your gym is located far away or on the other side of the town, would you be able to commute to the gym on a daily basis? Convenience in location can be quite an important factor in motivating you to work-out regularly. The ideal location for a gym in Chennai should be somewhere between your workplace or home. 

If you will have to struggle to reach the gym spot daily, your enthusiasm to work-out will definitely fade away pretty soon. On those hectic days when you don’t have enough time, having a proximity to the best gym in Chennai will make things easier for you. After all, a good work-out should relieve stress, not to increase it.

Fitness Trainers and Staff

The most important aspect of any gym in Chennai is its trainers. Attend one or two free demo classes to see if the trainers and instructors know their stuff. Unfortunately, there is no government institute or authorized association in India that provides any certification and training in fitness. 

There may be some private institutes to provide fitness training, so before finalizing at the best gym in Chennai, do ask about the certification of instructors and trainers, else you may end up getting hurt. Another important aspect to consider about the trainers is their availability. Check will they be available when you need them? Are they supportive and courteous? Do they answer your doubts or queries?


While joining the best gym in Chennai, make sure to ask them about the time slots of the gym. Some gyms are opened 24*7, while some are open only during the day, others are closed on weekends. Doesn’t matter what time you work out, make sure that gym is open that best fits your schedule; else you will have to end up paying for something you can’t access. Also, if you plan to work-out every day at a fixed time, you may ask about the situation of the gym during that specific time. 

Whether the gym is free or packed? Is there a line for machines that you would like to use? Joining a gym in Chennai is not going to help you if you won’t be able to use the tools or machines as per your requirement.

Machines and Equipment

During your first visit to a gym in Chennai, take a good look around the entire gym and see if there are modern machines and equipment available. You also need to inquire about, if there are other members waiting for a long time for their turn to use the machines. Because, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for long hours in line for your turn to use machines. 

You need to ensure that there are a variety of machines beside an array of cardio machines. And also notice if instructions are posted on machines or not. Be careful about the machines that are out of order, because it can portray the picture of a poorly managed gym rather than being the best gym in Chennai.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

However, there are no set standards while considering the cleanliness of the gym in Chennai, but keep your eyes open during your first visit. if the ambience is dusty piled up on or around the equipment. Check for sure are the napkins or towels available in the gym to wipe off the equipment after you use it. 

Also, see if the trainers and staff enforce the hygiene. Do not forget to peek into the locker room, wash rooms and showers to check the standard of cleanliness and hygiene level when opting to begin your fitness journey with the best gym in Chennai.

Additional benefits

There are  additional features that can be an added bonus for you. So, before joining the best gym in Chennai don’t forget to ask about the freebies. Do they have a hot tub, sauna, or any other facility to relax after a workout? 

Some gyms will have in house nutritionists to aid you with a proper diet plan while others have snacks bars and juice that provide post-workout meals. There is a gym in Chennai that also provides you with physiotherapists along with compulsory diet plans.


Cost is usually the deciding factor while trying to join a gym in Chennai. Talk to the fitness trainer or instructor about their fee structure. Whether they include a joining fee or not? Or do you need to pay full or partial fees in advance like on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or annually. Enquire them, is it possible to cancel the membership without imposing any penalty or is the fee non-refundable. 

And most importantly, check for the best gym in Chennai that fits your budget or is it creating a hole in the pocket. Because let’s face it, no matter what amenities the gym in Chennai is providing you, if it does not fit your financial equation then it’s not worth a penny.

Dos and Don’ts for First-Time Gym Goers


  • Start Slowly: Begin with light workouts to avoid injury and gradually increase intensity.
  • Ask for Guidance: Seek help from trainers to learn proper techniques and create a workout plan.
  • Hydrate and Eat Well: Stay hydrated before and after workouts, and fuel your body with nutritious meals.
  • Warm-up and Cool Down: Always warm up before and cool down after workouts to prevent injuries.


  • Avoid Bad Form: Don’t sacrifice form for heavier weights; focus on proper technique.
  • Overdo it: Don’t push too hard too soon; gradual progress is key.
  • Compare Yourself: Avoid comparing your progress to others; focus on your journey.
  • Skip Rest Days: Rest is crucial for recovery; don’t skip rest days.
  • Neglect Safety: Don’t ignore safety guidelines or use equipment without understanding its proper usage.


Thus, all the above points are highly necessary to consider while joining a gym in Chennai. Do not hesitate to ask anything prior to joining and make an informed decision if the gym fits you or not. Be choosy, ask your friends or neighbours about the gyms they have been to or are they the present members, etc.After all, being healthy is a lifestyle and finding a perfect and the best gym in Chennai like Skale Fitness can be a crucial task as it is all about finding a key to healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a gym in Chennai varies depending on various factors such as the type of gym, location, facilities, and duration of membership. On average, the monthly fees for a gym can range from INR 1,500 to INR 5,000. However, some high-end gyms may charge higher fees. It’s best to check with specific gyms for their current pricing.

The best type of gym depends on individual preferences and goals. Some popular options include traditional gym chains, boutique fitness studios, and specialty gyms focused on specific activities like boxing or yoga. It’s important to choose a gym in Chennai that aligns with your fitness goals, offers the equipment and classes you need, and fits your budget and location. 

Paying for the gym in Chennai can be worth it if you use it regularly and benefit from the facilities and services it offers. Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, weight management, and reduced stress. However, if you don’t use the gym frequently, it may not be worth the cost.