SKALE Fitness Unlimited collector nagar


SKALE Fitness Unlimited collector nagar


SKALE Fitness Unlimited Perambur Best Fitness Centre in Perambur, Chennai - Best Gym in Perambur
SKALE Fitness Unlimited Perambur Best Fitness Centre in Perambur, Chennai - Best Gym in Perambur (2)

SKALE Fitness - Best Gym in Perambur

At Skale Fitness we focus on the mission to provide you with a total fitness experience ranking us as the best gym in Perambur. This gym centre in Perambur is designed to help you reach your fitness goals by making you lead a healthy lifestyle. This best fitness centre doesn’t start and stop at the gym. We initiate your journey with us with a standard workout plan, where we offer solutions that incorporate your fitness, nutrition to provide a 360 approach to your wellness journey. 

We set us apart as the best gym centre in Perambur from all other best gyms as our ultimate goal is to help you tackle anything that stands in your way. You can be aware that fitness journeys don’t follow a straight line and our talented coaches are fluent to help you get back on track after detours. 

Our best fitness centre in Chennai is ready with a customized plan that works the best for you or that you have set for yourself. You can highly feel confident as we are experts in keeping you motivated, strong and confident.

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Cardio Training

Experience our wide choice of innovative classes which are designed to fit your needs and schedule it to sculpt your body with unique training.

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Crossfit Training

Build your core with flexibility, agility and we also help you prevent injury to ensure you have a challenging ride from beginning to end.

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Strength Training

Create noticeable results by strengthening your body with our dedicated instructors who help you to discover a new strength.

One of the best Fitness centre in Perambur, Chennai, highly equipped to be the right place for both the beginners and professionals ,the only fitness centre in Perambur to get certified by Kai Greene "The Predator".All the staff including Trainers , dietitians, physicians,and receptionist are very friendly and well behaved.Finally the place for fitness


Great ambience with very friendly trainers and staffs choose skale perambur to get you're dream physique. One of the best Fitness centre in Perambur, Chennai

Arjun Lokesh

Truly , the best recommended gym for ladies in the city with reasonably priced and a great workout atmosphere. The staffs here are incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! Specially, trainer Aruna knows how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. They help us practice a good mix of functional fitness along with gym equipments. Overall, a complete, clean gym with amazing personal trainers. Would highly recommend!. Best Fitness centre in Perambur, Chennai

skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Deepa Prema

Exceptional/knowledgeable trainers who push you to do your best, professional, perfect ambience, spacious, spotless, love the choice of music and overall an impeccable management. Have been a part of several other gyms before but this one stands out in all aspect! Glad to be a part of it

Maggie David - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Maggie David

A good place for dng workout well friendly nd lovable trainer's especially female trainer (jessie) with good attitude not only in workout session but also who motivates and gives good vibes always. Among everything under gym the best thing I found is Jessie(the fitness freak )#smilie#more than a frnd#caring. Perfect gym near my house with positive ppl and environment.. Wch is also safe and secured place with more space.In love with this gym # skale fitness perambur.

Subiksha Subi

AMAZING GYM, AMAZING WORKOUTS! The Trainers are very friendly and extremely qualified especially Mr.Aravind & Sasi !. They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. Would highly recommend!..

Vignesh S - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Vignesh S

Skale gym has just what i need. i never had to wait for equipment at any time.The main thing is the trainers are so friendly.. i like the way of behaviour.I will say it again the the trainers so good and best gym I have went so far 100%. One of the best Fitness centre in Perambur, Chennai

Lokesh Vishal

    SKALE Fitness Additional workouts


    Olympic style weight lifts



    skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai


    Keto Diet for Indians 2





    Trx suspension and Rip training

    SKALE Fitness Group training





    yoga - skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai


    hiit - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai - best fitness centre in chennai


    SKALE Fitness Experience

    Skale Fitness Unlimited is a state-of-the-art gym chain that focuses on holistic health and wellness. The mindset of the company is dynamic and the ever-evolving leadership seeks to make Skale the industry leader by 2020.

    With a cumulative experience of over 20 years as the leading   in the fitness industry and hands-on experience operating few of the most respected brands of this industry, our top management is driven by quality, reputation and passion.

    My Skills

    Complete Body Building
    Functional Training

    Achieve your goals faster at skale fitness

    Skale being the best gym in Perambur offers a wide range of world-class equipment. We are specialized in strength training equipment and treadmills. All our gym machinery and equipment are especially imported and deliver the best service. The state-of-the-art equipment and amenities in this gym centre in Perambur are the best here to revive your metabolism and increase anabolic thresholds.

    You can stay active with a great social ambience to keep yourself on track as we help you cater all your needs beyond expectations. You can discuss your fitness aspirations with our talented and experienced trainers at this gym centre in Perambur by which we can suggest you with expert guidance to achieve your fitness goals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It usually depends on your fitness levels, the type of training you undertake and the intensity you are training at. But you should always remember that something is always better than nothing. Try to fit in a quick HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout or go for a short run if only you have 30 minutes to spare. In case you are doing a strength workout, set more time for warm ups and take enough rest between sets where you needn’t be slogging for hours.

    If you want to experience real changes with best results definitely you should mix up your routine. As you can see if you repeat the same workouts or use the same weights it will plateau by stopping the response to the training stimulus. It is advisable to increase the intensity, frequency and the type of training as often as you can.

    If you wish to build your muscles, you should start weight training. Lifting heavy weights is very effective to rip the muscle fibres and also it replaces the damaged muscle fibres to form new strands which increases the muscle size enhancing the thickness. Choose heavier weights for lower reps and take a longer pause between sets. Also don’t forget to increase your calorie intake as you need to feed your muscles if you want them to grow.

    Getting a six pack is not so easy by just doing 100 sit-ups per day as it won’t guarantee a defined set of abs; You need to combine different workouts to reduce body fat. You should be cautious to follow a perfect diet plan and also include some cardio and fat burning HIIT in your daily routine. Track your calorie intake using apps like ‘HealthifyMe’ or ‘My Fitness Pal’ to help you succeed in your weight loss goal. After which, you can work on core exercises which include plank variations, bicycle crunches and cable rotation to target the abdominals and increase the muscle mass.

    Generally, weight lifting will help you burn most of the calories. Do workouts which increase your heart beat and drenches you with sweat. This can burn more calories to speed up your metabolism if done on a regular basis. HIIT exercises burn at least 25% - 30% more calories than a steady-state exercise such as a run. Henceforth, combine cardio, weights and HIIT specific training besides a diet plan which can lead to calorie deficit, an effective route to lose weight.

    Exercising helps you to reduce stress and improve your self-confidence to alleviate anxiety and improve concentration. Moreover, it releases endorphins which boosts the feeling of happiness. But you should not over strain as this itself can put your mind and body under stress raising the level of stress hormone cortisol. The better key to maintaining mental health is to do your exercise with a proper workout plan and healthy diet chart. 

    Facilities at Perambur

    Open 24/7

    Skale Fitness at Perambur is always open 24/7, around work area and home and provides an exceptional workout at an extraordinary price serving the best fitness programs.

    Easy Access

    Skale Fitness at Perambur is the best solution, when it comes to passim access. We are one among the best gyms which are accessible in and around Chennai. No matter where you go, you will find us!

    Qualified Trainers

    Our Personal Trainers at Perambur ensure you to perform exercises reliably while giving you the elite results making itself the best gym to help you maintain best fitness. No matter what your fitness desires, our friendly Personal Trainers will keep you challenged and motivated.

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