SKALE Fitness Unlimited Chinmay Nagar

Chinmay Nagar

SKALE Fitness Unlimited Chinmay Nagar

Chinmay Nagar

SKALE Fitness Unlimited Chinmay Nagar

SKALE Fitness - Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar

SKALE Fitness is the Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar because we have state-of-the-art machines from top-notch brands. This gym at Chinmay Nagar is a fun place to work out, where all our members can reach straight-up slay-their-fitness goals.

As all of us know fitness is almost everyone’s go-to goal to lead a happy and healthier life. For this reason, we offer high-standard gym facilities, and also experienced instructor gives advice and tips on a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from gym training, we also host many fitness training sessions and programs for our membership holders where they can be aware of maintaining good lifestyles and adopting a healthy diet to become fit and fine. Our Gym in Chinmay Nagar works out a holistic approach to create a better physique and healthy world for our clients. This is why we are considered the Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar.

Enjoy our gym environment while doing efficient workouts to put your health into a better posture. Our trainer is there and will guide you through each step you need. We are here to make your lifestyle a perfect one where you can lead a meaningful and healthy life.

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Cardio Training

Elevate your breathing rate and heart rate with repeated contraction of muscles by making use of the cardio activities to increase bone density and burn calories more effectively.

skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
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Crossfit Training

Change your lifestyle to improve energy levels by transforming yourself with growth to upbeat the environment where goals are met exceeding the limit.

skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
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Strength Training

Push your limits to strengthen your muscles which help you get stronger, improve heart health and lose fat for instant results.


Truly , the best recommended gym for ladies in the city with reasonably priced and a great workout atmosphere. The staffs here are incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! Specially, trainer Aruna knows how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. They help us practice a good mix of functional fitness along with gym equipments. Overall, a complete, clean gym with amazing personal trainers. Would highly recommend!

skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Deepa Prema

Exceptional/knowledgeable trainers who push you to do your best, professional, perfect ambience, spacious, spotless, love the choice of music and overall an impeccable management. Have been a part of several other gyms before but this one stands out in all aspect! Glad to be a part of it

Maggie David - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Maggie David

AMAZING GYM, AMAZING WORKOUTS! The Trainers are very friendly and extremely qualified especially Mr.Aravind & Sasi !. They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. Would highly recommend!..

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Vignesh S

    SKALE Fitness Anna Nagar Additional workouts

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    Olympic style weight lifts

    Strong man in sportive clothes doing push-ups in the gym


    Working on condition


    KETTLEBELL - skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai


    Day in the Gym



    Trx suspension and Rip training

    SKALE Fitness Group training





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    Develop a fitness goal at skale fitness

    Nowadays for anyone, there is no time to stand & stare! And doing physical activities or daily workouts has been reduced among the individual. But few are there who are still on track to maintain their body fit and fine.

    If you are one of them and have no time to think for a while about your health then you are on the verge of shattering! Before your health moves into a bad phase, you may opt for a fitness program that can give you a better and healthy life. Our gym is the Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar that hosts a few training programs for our members to gear an effective fitness environment.

    Our regular group class enhances self-esteem and develops an illustrative mind of confidence to lead a perfect lifestyle perfectly! Your triggering stressful life can be chilled out when you have a better option to work out your physical activity in an open space gym environment.

    This only you can get at Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar – The skale fitness! Always develop a master plan like taking a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a lot more to be added to your list when you think about your health first. And all these things you can learn from our experienced instructor who can guide you to get your Fitness Goals to lead a happier life.

    My Skills

    Complete Body Building
    Functional Training

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have endless options starting from high-end smart workout equipment to rowing machines, treadmills, cardio machines, squat racks, weight stacks, exercise balls, and ellipticals. Additional gym equipment options include resistance bands, foam rollers, gym balls, etc.

    If you want to join our Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar then you are free to come here. Our well-experienced gym trainers are there to care for all your body fitness and workout.  Our expert is available all at your service. Our gym trainers are very well trained so that you can get easy tips and guidance to work out better and effectively.

    The intensity of the workout should be as per your body’s requirements. When you are in Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar the expert here will guide you on how many hours you can devote to your workout for your body fitness. If you work out on the treadmill – an hour is enough. But our expert here suggests an individual can work out for 30 minutes activity 5 days a week for full body strength training sessions. Our experts always make sure that you can get maximum benefits from your workout so that you can keep your body fit and fine.

    This Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar has endless options equipped with high-standard gym equipment, which you can come and use step by step under our gym trainer’s supervision. Our trainer will give you a manual demo first on how to use every piece of gym equipment thoroughly and delicately.

    Our gym trainers are well smart enough to teach you perfectly how to use the mechanism as per your workout needs and requirements. If you are choosing this gym at Chinmay Nagar, then you are on the right way! Come hear our gym trainer is there to guide you at every step!

    Yes, Skale Fitness is the Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar when it comes to safety side. Our motto always lies on prevention is better than cure so our gym setup is always equipped with safety protocols as we have installed all areas of our gym with CCTV cameras. All areas are under surveillance apart If any mishap happened in the case, we have first aid tools kits that are kept constantly ready for our client’s safety and security. We think about our client’s safety first, therefore, the whole surrounding is under high security to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Safe environment with safety guidelines.

    You can come here to the Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar – The Skale Fitness anytime day or night. You can usually start your exercising as follows

    • Early 6 am to as late at night as 10:00 pm on a weekday
    • 7 am to 10 pm on weekends
    • Government Holidays are generally 10 am to 5 pm

    If you have any doubts easily our trainer is available 24/7 by phone you can call them and ask about the timing hours. However sometimes on special occasions, it may vary, so beforehand our trainer intimates our clients about the timing and closing hours of our gym.

    Yes, Best Gym in Chinmay Nagar – The Skale Fitness has a fitness program like corporate programs, Corporate Employee programs these two are specially hosted for the betterment of wellness and pre-needs of corporate representatives.

    Thinking about the well-being of our clients about their changing lifestyles to make them fit and fine at any cost. Even if these programs enhance to lead a healthy lifestyle when health comes first on the priority list. The program is also aware of reducing the danger of coronary illness, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, stroke, type 2 diabetes, etc. Along with giving gym training we also give priority to health is wealth!

    Facilities at Chinmay Nagar

    Open 24/7

    Skale Fitness at Chinmay Nagar is provides an exceptional workout at an extraordinary price serving the best fitness programs.

    Easy Access

    Skale Fitness at Chinmay Nagar is the best solution, when it comes to passim access. We are one among the best gyms which are accessible in and around Chennai. No matter where you go, you will find us!

    Qualified Trainers

    Our Personal Trainers at Chinmay Nagar ensure you perform exercises reliably while giving you elite results making it the best gym to help you maintain the best fitness. No matter what your fitness desires our friendly Personal Trainers will keep you challenged and motivated.

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