best gym in avadi


best gym in avadi


SKALE Fitness Unlimited Avadi (10)
best gym in avadi

SKALE Fitness - Best Gym In Avadi

Skale Fitness, is remarked as the best gym in Avadi. It takes privilege to help millions of people across Chennai to maintain fitness. We keep them enthusiastic doing the fitness workouts simultaneously with our diversified customized programs in a comfortable ambience.

We keep our training focussed with varied group exercise classes in implementing the modern equipment. Our trained and qualified instructors provide you with the customized  fitness programs making it the best gym in Avadi. Besides that, they guide you in the entire fitness journey by designing individualized fitness training programs.

We ensure injury free programs for all our clients. The world class advancements with us offers you with a wide range of cardiorespiratory fitnessequipment and the strength training machine to tone and strengthen all parts of your body.

The Physios here will take care of posture analysis, screening your fitness, exercise prescription, and injury management. You can be assured of safety here where Skale is the best gym in Avadi. The serene ambience and the music create a soothing ambience to do your work outs effectively. You can enrol with us today to experience the effectiveness of your fitness journey.

CARDIO - skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai
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Cardio Training

Choose your fitness equipment to fit your needs in this best fitness centre. Reduce fat faster with our skilled international trainers and equipment.

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Crossfit Training

Execute your functional programs with high intensity to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, agility, stamina, speed, balance and accuracy.

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Strength Training

Use our resistance machines to induce muscular contraction. Our plate loaded machines are designed considering safety and effectiveness.


I've been a member of this gym for the past 3 month. First thing first, there are lots of space and varities of equipment to workout in the gym. Every equipment works fine and maintained well. Even during rush hours I can use any equipment I want without any wait. The trainers are also very friendly and skilled. They help me whenever I need. My overall experience is great in Skale fitness.

Vb Sanjay

Where do I start, this gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym. Good place to work out Its more than worth for money.its good pack comparing to normal gym .good quality of equipment,free stream baths, good ambience, well maintained dressing room and specially the trainers are always around us helpful while working out. suppurate women training rooms and women trainers which make them feel better while working out and week end Zomba seasons and weight loss seasons are really worth of it, the best gym in avadi.


Oh my God ! this gym is very professional. They have all kinds of equipments. Very good space. Good Ambience. Locker facilities etc.. All trainers are very well learned and they come out with very new ideas if we face difficulty. I have exp of more than 2 yr. I will recommend this gym to everyone in local area.

amrita bhardwaj

Skale Fitness Avadi is a lovely gym. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. More than a year I was regular to the other gyms. Not even able to reduce single kg. After I joined here in skale fitness Avadi branch. I have reduce 3kg in 10days. My special thanks to physio and dietitian who helping me to drive to my goal. skale fitness Avadi is one of the best fitness centre in avadi

Preetha Preetha

Truly , the best recommended gym for ladies in the city with reasonably priced and a great workout atmosphere. The staffs here are incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! Specially, trainer Aruna knows how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. They help us practice a good mix of functional fitness along with gym equipments. Overall, a complete, clean gym with amazing personal trainers. Would highly recommend!

skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Deepa Prema

Exceptional/knowledgeable trainers who push you to do your best, professional, perfect ambience, spacious, spotless, love the choice of music and overall an impeccable management. Have been a part of several other gyms before but this one stands out in all aspect! Glad to be a part of it

Maggie David - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Maggie David

AMAZING GYM, AMAZING WORKOUTS! The Trainers are very friendly and extremely qualified especially Mr.Aravind & Sasi !. They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. Would highly recommend!..

Vignesh S - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Vignesh S

SKALE Fitness Avadi Additional workouts


Olympic style weight lifts










Trx suspension and Rip training

SKALE Fitness Group training

boxing - skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai


yoga skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai


zumba training - Trx suspension and Rip training


skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennaicycling - best fitness centre in Avadi, Chennai


Gain personal attention at Skale Fitness

Our best fitness centre in Chennai with standard work-out plans is based on the medico – scientific fitness along with the power yoga, Pilates, and many more to excite and motivate our clients in the training for their sustained progress.

We make the best gyms at Skale Fitness by designing our programs aesthetically to make the clients highly user-friendly to achieve their long-term fitness goals. This best fitness centre tracks the progress of the members by re-evaluating it frequently to reinforce them with more positivity

My Skills

Complete Body Building
Functional Training

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend an admixture of cardio and strength training. Interspersing between the two is a good way to find balance. Why both and not just one? Exploration shows it also can boost heart health and have a positive impact on your internal health. Regularly adding your heart rate and blood inflow by adding cardio into your routine can also promote heart, brain, skin and lung health, as well as ameliorate your sleep and energy situations.

Resistance training is how you increase your muscle mass, strength and overall health, but how you do it's over to you! numerous women enjoy weight training with spa machines or free weights similar to dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell, while others prefer bodyweight exercises.

During your first many weeks of a new fitness routine, there’s a chance you might struggle to reach the end of a drill or you may need to take regular breaks. That’s ok! The important thing is to keep persisting each day and your fitness will sluggishly improve. Although we want you to challenge yourself, pushing yourself too hard can lead to collapse or injury, so know your limits and be patient as your strength and abilities increase. You’ll be smashing your exercises in no time!

Still, it’s common to wake up feeling down. If you’re new to regular exercise. This soreness is a result of the micro-tears to your muscle fibres which are when you do a delicate drill or use different muscles. You can also see your progress by tracking your reps, weight, cargo or the number of reps within a timeframe. Still, take an active recovery day with some yoga or low- intensity cardio similar to walking or cycling, and reduce the intensity of your exercises to allow your body to completely recover, If you’re feeling sore. To support your recovery, concentrate on drinking plenty of water each day to rehydrate, and eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables to replenish your vitamins and minerals.

Perhaps you were feeling agitated to start your new routine, but now that feeling has worn off after many weeks. That’s normal and you’re not alone. Your fitness trip will have highs and lows, and some days it'll feel much harder to get moving. 

Then are some tips to keep you on track :

  • Regularly set pretensions for yourself to have a commodity to work towards, challenge yourself and keep yourself responsible. 
  • Focus on establishing a strong routine. 
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of exercise and how you'll feel latterly, or make a list of reasons particular to you about why you exercise.

Whether you’re looking to feel more confident, ameliorate your strength, or simply feel healthier, It can help to know if you’re making progress. Suppose about what your unique pretensions are and how those would be best measured. However, you could use a journal to record how you’re feeling, If you’re wanting to feel more confident and healthy. However, you could complete regular fitness challenges and track your progress, If you’re wanting to make a habit.

Facilities at Avadi

Opens 24/7

Skale Fitness at Avadi is open from 05:30 AM to 10:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and from 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sunday’s.

Easy Access

Skale Fitness at Avadi is the best solution, when it comes to passim access. We are one among the best gyms which are accessible in and around Chennai.

Qualified Trainers

Our Personal Trainers at Avadi ensure you to perform exercises reliably while giving you the elite results making itself the best gym to help you maintain best fitness in Chennai.

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