What to Eat Before and After a Workout

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What to eat before and after a workout

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If you do not follow a proper diet, it can create a negative impact on your performance and reduce your gains where you are more likely to injure yourself. Here is how you ought to plan what to eat before and after a workout.

What to eat before  a workout?

It is essential to know what to eat before and after a workout. Munching something before exercise provides your body with energy as you need enough power throughout the entire workout session.

You should be cautious to keep an ideal time based on what to eat before and after a workout. Eating before a workout, say 30 minutes or three hours before taking a small snack or mini-breakfast.

Having an ideal time for a pre-workout snack


Consuming plenty of water

Keep your body hydrated by having enough water before heading to the gym. You have to notice the color of your urine every morning because lemonade-colored urine can be a sign of appropriate hydration and dark-colored urine indicates H20 deficit.


Take carbs like granola bars, oatmeal, a piece of fruit, rice cake, a piece of toast to boost your energy because they break down into glucose and add fuel for your workouts at the maximum capacity.

Include your pre-workout snack with carbs

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– A smoothie with one cup of fresh fruit and two cups of boiled vegetables – An apple or pear with nut butter – Greek yogurt with berries and granola – Rice cakes which has to be topped with nut butter

Ensure to have protein


Firstly, eating after a workout is nothing but replacing the calories you used up. It is important to replenish the glycogen that gets depleted during your workout.

What to eat after a workout?