Best 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women

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Best 10 Weight Loss Tips for Women

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– Start with baby steps – Adopt smart style of snacking/eating – Set goals for losing weight – Eat a balanced breakfast – Have fibrous fruits, green veggies – Step on scale – Choose wise foods in grocery cart – Opt for liquid calories – Have a sound sleep – Stop negativity

Starting with baby steps

It is always better to take baby steps like starting with a tiny, doable tweak-packing a healthy meal or walking 20 minutes per day. Eat less and move more which would definitely take time but they actually work.

It is advisable to opt for a diet that seems manageable. The level of tolerance in dieting because it can vary from person to person. Switching to a simpler approach can satisfy craving a healthy grub than ignoring it.

Adopting smart style - Snacking/eating 


Two goals for losing weight

Firstly, a woman can set a nearer-term goal like losing half of the total weight to reach their goal. Secondly,  re-evaluate the strategy for the next stage by focussing on consistency with portion control for each meal and never get distracted.


Intake breakfast is made up mostly of proteins and carbs with some fat rather than skipping breakfast because it keeps the blood-sugar levels steady besides keeping hunger pangs away. Choose food in the morning which satisfies the taste buds and stomach.

Eating a balanced breakfast

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Fruits are mostly water and have no fat, so a woman can fill her plate with fibrous fruits as it has low carbs like watermelons, peaches, avocados and berries. Consume more of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, etc.

Having fibrous fruits, green veggies


Stepping on the scale and performing exercises daily can be the best weight loss tips for women.  It gives a red flag indication when weight has added up where a woman needs to cut back a little or increase hours of workouts slightly.

Stepping on the scale


Choose wise foods instead of highly processed items and junk foods as they have high optimal levels of saturated fat, sodium and sugar to add more weight. Sweetened drinks will pile on the calories, but won’t reduce hunger like solid foods do.

Wise Foods and Liquid Calories


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