5 Exercises : Post-pregnancy Belly Workout Tips

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5 Exercises – Post-Pregnancy Belly Workout Tips

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Do you feel you have not shredded weight even after delivering the baby? Fret not, you are not alone in the journey and we understand your concern.  Though every woman’s pregnancy and delivery are different, most women gain weight post-delivery.

What Types of Exercises are Safe for Post-Pregnancy?

Special attention has to be given to the pelvic floor after vaginal birth.  Pelvic floor exercises strengthen and tone the muscles to support your bladder, bowel, and uterus.


Firstly, patience is the mantra. With the help of your physician, set a realistic goal.  It will take 6 months to 1 year to reach the desired weight. Setting short-term goals can also motivate you.

How to Lose Baby Fat and Stay Healthy?


5 Exercises to Incorporate into the Postnatal Fitness Regimen:

Deep Breathing with Abdominal Contraction: This exercise can be done in any position either by lying down, sitting, or standing but initially, it should first be practiced in the gym by lying down until you feel comfortable.


A front plank might not be the ideal exercise after pregnancy to perform in the ladies gym Anna Nagar in order to reduce stomach bulge.

Side Plank:

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The pelvic tilt is a subtle but effective exercise performed in the ladies gym Anna Nagar to reduce belly fat after delivery.

Pelvic Tilt:


The bridge is an ideal exercise to be done in the ladies gym Anna Nagar because it focuses on the core, pelvic floor muscles, and gluteus muscles.



Squats help your entire body, including your arms, legs, glutes, hips, and core.  Not only that, performing this in the ladies gym Anna Nagar increases your strength and hip flexibility, but this postnatal exercise with your baby would be a great way to bond while keeping your little one entertained.

Baby Lift Squats:


To summarize, most women regain their strength after giving birth a lot more quickly than expected.  If you or your family member are one among them, start exercising slowly and be cautious when to increase the time or intensity of a workout.


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