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best gym in Avadi 2


best gym in Ambattur
best gym in Avadi 2

SKALE Fitness - Best GYM in Ambattur

Skale Fitness pioneering as the best gym in Ambattur, Chennai takes privilege for having helped millions of people across Chennai discover fitness. We teach them how to enjoy doing their workouts simultaneously by getting healthy and fit with our diversified customized programs in the ambience of the best gym.

We ace our training with varied group exercise classes implementing the state-of-the-art equipment conducted by trained and qualified instructors who are certified in providing the best fitness programs and first aid. Besides, in this best gym they guide you in the fitness journey by designing personalized fitness training programs with our renowned fitness experts which makes Skale fitness as one of the best gyms in Ambattur. 

Here in this best gym, we ensure injury free programs for our clients. The world class advancements used by us hosts a wide range of cardiorespiratory fitness equipment and the strength training machine to train all parts of your body. The floor in charges is easily approachable to make the exercises simpler to achieve your goals to maintain fitness at its best. The Physios will monitor and take care of Fitness Screening, Exercise prescription, posture analysis and injury management.

Exercises are safer and effective only at Skale which serves as the best fitness centre in Ambattur. The music and the serene ambience add flavour and makes a great place to work out. We recommend you to get in touch with the facility manager and the front office crew to enrol yourself today to experience a get high on life at our best gym in chennai.

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Cardio Training

Our wide range of treadmills, bikes, and cross-trainers gives a facility the freedom to choose fitness equipment that fits its needs. Burn fat fast with our international trained trainers and equipment.

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Crossfit Training

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. We aim at improving cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

STRENGTH TRAINING skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai
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Strength Training

Our resistance machines and free weights to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. Our plate loaded machines are very safe and effective.


Best Gym in Ambattur and above Reliance fresh, Ambience is good, Need to maintain bathrooms, Trainers are good and they help you when ever Required, If you opt for PT they support you all day, Nice equipments and accessories, Overall a good Gym for bodybuilding

Arun Kumar

Truly , the best recommended gym for ladies in the city with reasonably priced and a great workout atmosphere. The staffs here are incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! Specially, trainer Aruna knows how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. They help us practice a good mix of functional fitness along with gym equipments. Overall, a complete, clean gym with amazing personal trainers. Would highly recommend!

skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Deepa Prema

Exceptional/knowledgeable trainers who push you to do your best, professional, perfect ambience, spacious, spotless, love the choice of music and overall an impeccable management. Have been a part of several other gyms before but this one stands out in all aspect! Glad to be a part of it

Maggie David - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Maggie David

AMAZING GYM, AMAZING WORKOUTS! The Trainers are very friendly and extremely qualified especially Mr.Aravind & Sasi !. They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. Would highly recommend!..

Vignesh S - skale fitness unlimited - best gym in chennai
Vignesh S

Good place to workout.prices are genuine trainers are friendly type with knowledge of boxing,HIIT ,Animal flow .especially trainers emmanuel ellangovan vigneshwar all are well knowledgeable trainers i continue this gym past 4years. Skale Fitness Ambattur on of the best gym in Ambattur


SKALE Fitness Ambattur Additional workouts

STRENGTH TRAINING skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai

Olympic style weight lifts

skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai




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Working on condition

Trx suspension and Rip training

SKALE Fitness Group training



yoga - skale fitness unlimited best gym & fitness centre in chennai






Gain personal attention at Skale Fitness

We have customized all the work-out plans based on the medico – scientific fitness including Pilates, power yoga, and many more to train all parts of your body in an effective way. We also want to excite, motivate, and assist people in their training for sustained progress.

At Skale Fitness, we follow a holistic approach which is aesthetically designed to make the clients highly comfortable with the user-friendly fitness equipment to help them achieve their long-term fitness goals. The progress of the members at this best gym is re-evaluated frequently to reinforce the objectives in a positive way.

Get in touch with our world-class advancements of cardiorespiratory fitness equipment and continuous screening which adds flavor making it the best gym to experience a Get High on life by enrolling yourself today. We highly guarantee that!

My Skills

Complete Body Building
Functional Training

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are so numerous benefits to regular exercise, it’s just one part of the picture when it comes to your health. Now that you’re training regularly, you may find you get empty more frequently. Fill your fridge and closet with nutrient-rich foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Staying doused is so important, so carry a water bottle, drink regularly and aim to make water your drink of choice. Getting a good night’s sleep can also impact your physical and internal health, so make it a precedence. Last but not least, show your mind some love by rehearsing gratitude and tone- care regularly.

Yes, this will help you get the most out of your drill. Decide which muscle groups you want to work on, whether you’re doing a strength session or a HIIT drill and what outfit you’ll need. also, suppose about how numerous reps and sets you ’re going to perform.

The body adapts to exercise and if you continue to do the same drill or use the same weights, it'll stall as it stops responding to the training encouragement. Increase frequency, intensity or the type of training as frequently as you can.

Doing 100 sit- ups a day won’t guarantee a defined set of abs; you’ll need to do a combination of effects. Reducing body fat should be first on the docket. You may have the strongest set of abdominal muscles but if your body fat chance is too high, you won’t be suitable to see them. Use apps similar to My Fitness confidante to track your calorie input and if weight loss is your thing, insure you're in a calorie deficiency. When you’ve reached your body fat pretensions, it’s time to target the abdominals and increase their muscle mass through your training.

Generally, cardio training similar to swimming or handling will burn the most calories per session. Weight training will help you burn further calories over the course of the day muscle becks more calories at rest than other apkins, including fat, and thus pets up your resting metabolism. Thus, combining cardio, weights and HIIT-specific training alongside a diet that will leave you in a calorie deficit is the most effective route to weight loss.

Strength can mean different effects to different people. For some it can mean being suitable to do one pull up, for others it might be reaching a deadlift PB, which is why it's important to train for your pretensions. In order to gain strength in a targeted area, you need to gradually increase your volume and the intensity of those sessions. Try setting yourself realistic targets each week so that you have a commodity specific to end for.

Facilities at Ambattur


Skale Fitness at Ambattur is open from 05:30 AM to 10:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and from 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sunday’s. We provide an exceptional workout at an affordable cost

Easy Access

Skale Fitness at Ambattur is the best solution when it comes to passim access. We are one among the best gyms which are accessible in and around Chennai with 6 centres. No matter where you go, you will find us!

Qualified Trainers

Our Personal Trainers at Ambattur ensure you perform exercises reliably while giving you elite results. No matter what your fitness desires our friendly Personal Trainers will keep you challenged and motivated.

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